Monday, 5 April 2010

to live in a psi world would be so cool!! (??)

Would it really change our lives for the better if psi phenomena became practicable and usable?

Consider PK, for example - mind-powered computer games are already in the marketplace. Other mind-powered technologies, namely wheelchairs, are being fine-tuned as we speak. In both cases, the technology involves a skullcap embedded with sensors that pick up the user's brainwaves, and a computer that analyses the user's brain activity and identifies the brainwaves that correspond with particular commands, such as "move left" or "move forward" (see my post from 1st Jan 2010 for more info on mind-controlled wheelchairs).

It is only a matter of time before a wide range of mind-controlled appliances, such as mind-controlled kettles, televisions and towel-folding robots (more on this later...) appear on the market. This is as good as PK - isn't it?

What about telepathy. Why do we need it when we have mobile phones, email, twitter, facebook etc? These technologies provide as good as, if not better, means of distant communication than telepathy.

Clairvoyance? What a bore poker games would be if everyone around the table could 'see' the cards. Goodbye card games, board games, surprise birthday parties, the fun of opening presents, blind dates and holidays to new places. And if clairvoyance doesn't take care of those fun things (as well as the less fun things like exams), then precognition should do the trick..

Life after death? I'm not sure I can properly assess the implications of this. Makes me think of a short sory by Borges about a community of immortals whose lives, as a consequence of their immortality, are infinitely dull: because they are immortal, everything possible will befall them at least once, and as a result life has no surprises...

So that leaves ghosts - to live in a world of ghosts would be interesting at first...but aren't we overcrowded as it is? Mightn't we experience a rise in a sort of 'nationalism of the living'? Would be tire of ghosts pestering us with demands to cohabit with us in our houses? What rights would ghosts have, and how would they impinge on our rights?

I'm not sure that living in a psi-world would be so cool.

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